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Packing out a caribou

What is the Recommended Gratuity for an Unguided Trip?

Our company is in the service industry and gratuities, although often unnoticed by the public, form a significant portion of our crew members’ salaries. They work diligently in the background to ensure planes are properly maintained, camp gear is clean and ready, dishes are washed, gear is packed, and they are always available to welcome […]

Donate Your Caribou Meat to the Village of Kotzebue

Donate Your Caribou Meat to the Village of Kotzebue

You can donate your caribou meat to the village of Kotzebue. A “whole half” minimum is required to show respect to local natives who receive the donation. This ensures a fair distribution of prime cuts and is just more respectful. Previously, there have been disrespectful hunters who have disposed of spoiled meat in dumpsters and […]

Shipping Your Meat and Trophy Back Home

Shipping Your Meat and Trophy Back Home

When it comes to shipping your meat and/or antlers and cape back home you need to plan ahead. Using an expeditor should be considered. Size, time and expense all play a major role getting big game trophies from Alaska back home. The species harvested will greatly affect factors. If you shoot a moose and want […]

Pick up day

Pick Up Day – What to expect.

Getting picked up from the field can be the most frustrating part of your hunt. On the afternoon/evening prior to your scheduled pick up day, you’ll want to check in with us back in the hangar with your inReach We’ll let you know if we are still on schedule, or if the weather will permit […]

Ptarmigan hunting

Ptarmigan Hunting is an Option on Your Drop Hunt

If you can fit it within weight limits, you might consider bringing a small rimfire rifle (or a shotgun if you’re that serious about it) for ptarmigan hunting. Bowhunters should consider throwing in a blunt or two. Ptarmigan hunting methods vary, as does the weapon of choice. Most popular is the shotgun. Bring either a […]

Fishing for lake trout

Fishing on Your Unguided Hunt

Many of our clients bring collapsible fishing equipment just in case they do get dropped in a spot with some fishing opportunity. Some even bring a small rimfire rifle for a lunch of freshly harvested ptarmigan. Depending on your location and the time of year, the fishing could be great. Then again, it may not […]

Dealing with bears

Dealing with Bears

It’s just a fact and you will most likely at least see a bear on your trip. In most cases, bears are not a threat, but they do deserve your respect and attention. When traveling in bear country, keep alert and enjoy the opportunity to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. However, it’s […]

In-Field Meat Care and Salvage Requirements

In-Field Meat Care and Salvage Requirements

Field Dressing Hunters should know how to field dress and care for meat before going afield. Some hunters waste a lot of valuable meat because they simply do not know the how to properly field dress game. There are several good methods of field dressing. You will be successful with any method as long as you […]

Caribou Meat

Butchering Your Meat Back at the Hangar

As transporters, we are not permitted to store meat at our facility in Kotzebue. Meat has to stay in the field with you for the entire time unless arrangements are made between you and the pilot. When you get back into town, you are responsible for butchering the meat yourself. Kotzebue DOES NOT have meat […]

Kotzebue Alaska

Kotzebue, Alaska – It’s History and Things To Do While You’re There

The largest community in the Northwest Arctic Borough of Alaska, the City of Kotzebue offers a wide range of activities for visitors, both in town and in the surrounding wilderness. A crossroads of local culture and natural wonders, it has something to offer to anyone with a spirit for adventure and an appreciation of the […]