Caribou Down

Russ Meyer and Rusty Smith Caribou Hunt Report

Our trip to the Arctic to hunt caribou was EPIC!

The pictures, videos and stories will never be able to do it justice.

After flying into camp and being set down within a couple miles of several hundred caribou… our excitement level was through the roof. Not being able to legally hunt until 3 AM the next morning, we actually did not sleep.

We did not waste time and the next morning snuck into range on some nice bulls. I ended up shooting one that I liked and about 8 or 9 hours later I was watching my buddy Russ Meyer, one of the owners of Outdoors International stalk in on his bull with his bow. While watching him, I could see over 1,000 caribou in the background. They were moving to get away from the bugs and stacking up by the hundreds on snow drifts.

We were able to see grizzlies, Arctic wolves, and multiple muskox. Before we flew out, we were already starting to plan our next adventure to the Arctic. It’s an addicting place that I cannot wait to get back to. Great pilots and staff helped us the entire way along.