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Unguided Alaska DIY Hunting & Fishing Transport Service

Do I need Hip Waders for my Alaska hunt?

You’ll definitely want to have a pair of Hip Waders (or Chest waders if you prefer) on your hunt. They will more than likely be a necessity while you’re out there on your hunt. Trust us … we know! Hunting in Alaska isn’t like hunting down in the Lower 48. You WILL need hip waders […]

Dropping an unguided caribou in the field

Suggested Gear List for a Caribou Drop Hunt in Alaska

Unguided Alaskan Caribou Hunts are some of the most sought after hunts in Alaska. There are important considerations on these hunts due to the weather and terrain that hunters should expect to encounter. These hunts are conducted mostly by spot-and-stalk tactics. The hunts are fly-in “Spike Camp/Base Camp” style, where you should will return back […]

live caribou

Caribou Hunting Tips

We are aware of the whereabouts of the herds, and do our best to put you into the general vicinity of the animals. If you’re not seeing any, cover some country (which isn’t easy in the tundra) in search of the animals. It’s quite possible to be in a situation where your particular area is […]

Dealing with bugs in Alaska

Bugs – Mosquitoes Can Be Intense in Alaska

In Alaska, mosquito levels can vary quite a bit from day to day and location to location. If you are visiting Alaska between May and August make sure you’re prepared to deal with bugs while camping. The only way to avoid all mosquitoes on your trip to Alaska is to visit in the winter! In […]

Caribou Camp

Setting Up Camp

Camps go in, and out of the field with the hunters. Weight limits for Camp Rental hunters is 60 pounds of gear per person. This includes all of your personal gear, weapon, 0 degree rated sleeping system, backpack, field dressing equipment and game bags. Weight limits for Transport Only hunters is 120 pounds of gear […]

Flying into the field.

Flying Out of Kotzebue Into the Field

Prior to your departure into the field, either the night before your fly out day or in the morning at our airport lot, our hunt manager will go over all transport and field processes with you.  During the pre-hunt discussion you will need to give us your Inreach or other communication numbers and you will […]

DIY hunter admiring his caribou.

Drastic cut in harvest recommended to protect Western Arctic Caribou Herd

by Alena Naiden Anchorage Daily News To preserve the Western Arctic Caribou Herd, subsistence hunters might drastically reduce their harvest starting in summer 2024. The Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group voted Wednesday to propose changing state and federal hunting regulations in response to the herd’s shrinking population. Subsistence and sport hunters, guides and conservationists […]

Get trip insurance

Trip Insurance is Highly Suggested

We think you ALL need to consider purchasing Trip Insurance when booking a trip/hunt/international travel, etc. I know, I know … “it’s too expensive” OR “I don’t need it, nothing will happen”, these are typical responses we have heard in the past. Honestly, we’ve said the same thing ourselves in the past. Unfortunately, we just […]

Caribou migration

FAQ’s – Caribou Hunting Out of Kotzebue

I’m sure you’ve been watching all the caribou hunting videos on YouTube, and they give you a lot of information, however, many times they don’t relay the realities of the hunts. No matter where you go to hunt – HUNTING IS HUNTING. Weather and animals are two things we simply cannot control, and both are […]

Caribou deadhead

WSA21-01 Temporary Closure

Unfortunately, due to Temporary Wildlife Special Action WSA21-01 there has been a temporary Federal closure to caribou hunting out of Kotzebue, AK. During a telephonic work session on March 30, 2022 in opposition to public consensus as well as Alaska Fish and Game biologists, the Board voted to approve WSA21-01 to caribou hunting by non-Federally […]