Unguided bear hunts in Alaska


  • LOCATION: Alaska GMU 13 out of Palmer, AK
  • LIMIT: Three bears per hunter
  • HUNTING SEASON: September
  • GROUP SIZE: Minimum of two hunters per group.

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Black bear hunting on your own in South Central Alaska


Prepare yourself for an unparalleled, self-guided Alaskan adventure! For those hunters who savor the prospect of a physically demanding trial, this hunt offers some great black bears and extraordinary fishing opportunities.

This area boasts elevated concentrations of black bears, with the potential for three bears per hunter to be harvested. Tags are readily available for purchase over the counter. While the hunting season extends throughout the year, this particular hunt is exclusively offered during the month of September.

The quality of trophies is very good. Boars squaring six to seven feet are a possibility.

Success rates stand at a commendable 60%, with a corresponding opportunity rate ranging between 70-80%.

You can expect to see bears during your hunt.

DIY Black bear hunts in Alaska.

Ultimately, your success IS our success.

Our team is going to do its best for you to have a great opportunity at taking animal!

  • Black Bear Season: Year-round, but for the 2024 season, we are only offering September hunts.
  • Two Hunters per Camp Minimum
  • Trophy Quality: Excellent to Average
  • Success Rate: 60 to 80%+ depending on the year
  • Three Bear Limit per Hunter
  • Opportunity Rate: 90%+ Virtually every hunter can expect to see bears.
  • Moderate to Difficult Hunt: Show up in shape and ready to hike. You will be responsible for every aspect of your hunt.
  • Be sure to get a wolverine and wolf tags! During the month of September, hunters can also take wolves and a wolverine for no trophy fee. So get your tags if you want an opportunity at these trophies.
  • The fishing is great too! 
  • Must be a US citizen
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