Donate Your Caribou Meat to the Village of Kotzebue

Donate Your Caribou Meat

You can donate your caribou meat to locals in the village. A “whole half” minimum is required to show respect to local natives who receive the donation. This ensures a fair distribution of prime cuts and is just more respectful.

Previously, there have been disrespectful hunters who have disposed of spoiled meat in dumpsters and outside of Kotzebue, which damaged all nonresident hunters’ reputation with the local population. Keep in mind that hunting for sport is not accepted in their culture, as they view hunting as a means of procuring food, not a means of collecting trophies. The moral argument of both sides is not the focus here. What we can all agree on is that wasting or improper handling of meat is UNACCEPTABLE.

It is illegal to buy, sell or barter game meat.

However, if you wish to donate some or all of your unprocessed meat or other game parts, we will have arrangements made with local residents for that to be possible. It may be transferred to others permanently (given as a gift) or may be transferred temporarily for the purpose of transport.

Any meat you plan to give away must be in the same or better condition as meat you would keep for yourself.

If possible, make sure to let our hunt manager know ahead of time if you want to donate your meat.