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Do I need Hip Waders for my Alaska hunt?

You’ll definitely want to have a pair of Hip Waders (or Chest waders if you prefer) on your hunt. They will more than likely be a necessity while you’re out there on your hunt. Trust us … we know!

Hunting in Alaska isn’t like hunting down in the Lower 48.

You WILL need hip waders (or pant/chest waders).

You will almost certainly need to cross a creek or stream, or two or ten during your hunt. Often you’ll need to do a creek crossing every day from where you’re camped to where you’ll be hunting. With many crossings after that. Sometimes you’ll be hiking right in the creek, you never know. Then, if it rains (or when it rains) you’re gonna want to have them to keep your feet dry while out there.

Types of waders

Our suggestions for which type of hip waders to bring on your hunt.

We prefer a waist or hip-height stockingfoot style, lightweight fly fishing wader with a lace up wading boot. We recommend the Simms G3 Guide Pant and G3 Boot Combo, or a Chota Tundra Hippie and Orvis Pro Boot Combo. These are the best combination for fit, quality and quietness.

Every year we get  asked if the “Muck Boots” (or similar style – you know, shorter/knee height water boots) will work. Ultimately, on one hand, they may work just fine – but then again they might not. It depends on where you end up hunting. We have found that hip waders work for that “all around” option. HAVING SAID THAT ….. If you don’t ever plan on wearing them again, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on them.


Don't bring wiggies on your hunt.We cannot recommend Wiggies! We had several guys bring these up and were cussin’ them the minute they stepped off one of the float planes and they ripped! Needless to say, makes for a long trip of being wet when in the field.

Ultimately – It’s Your Choice, but even the President of Wiggies and I have had this discussion – they aren’t designed for this type of hunting!