Garmin inReach

Bring a Communication Device

You MUST have either a Sat Phone, Garmin inReach or Zoleo in the field with your group for safety and communication purposes – YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THEM IN THE VILLAGE. So, please remember to make arrangements PRIOR to departing for your Alaskan Adventure!

Satellite Phone or InReach?

For us, this was a no brainer, we carry the InReach products in all our aircraft and out in the field. We used to carry the Satellite phones (because that was all that was available) and they are big, clumsy and expensive to use.

The Garmin Inreach has the following advantages:

  1. Fairly inexpensive to purchase
  2. Less expensive plans
  3. They provide a GPS location and automatic course tracking
  4. Easier to use than a Sat phone
  5. Small and light for carrying in your pack
  6. SOS Service
  7. Has the technology to communicate with us on the day you are scheduled to come out of the field via texting through your synced smartphones.

Another similar option is the Zoleo Satellite Communicator

Solar Charger

You may also want to look into some sort of a Solar Charger so you can keep your phone and communication device charged while in the field.