Flying into the field.

Flying Out of Kotzebue Into the Field

Prior to your departure into the field, either the night before your fly out day or in the morning at our airport lot, our hunt manager will go over all transport and field processes with you.  During the pre-hunt discussion you will need to give us your Inreach or other communication numbers and you will get ours.  We will go over drop off and pick-up details, animal care expectations and field communications.  All of your last minute questions will be answered and you will get plane and field safety briefings from both our manager and your pilot.

Be Prepared to Wait for the Weather to Give Us a Flying Window

Remember, YOUR SAFETY is our number one priority and we will not fly in unsafe conditions.  While it may seem fine in Kotzebue, we monitor weather conditions in the field at all times and often those conditions between town and where you may be headed to hunt can vary greatly.

Trust your pilot and our staff to make the call of when we can get you into the field, and know that when in doubt, your safety will dictate we wait.  None of us can control the weather, and Alaska is notorious for ever change extreme conditions.  SO, we ask that you bring an extra helping of patience and focus on what you can control, which is your attitude and gratitude for the adventure you have signed up for.  Keep those things positive and in check, and we promise we will do all we can to show you a safe, first class experience.

Weight limitations

Weight Limitations

For hunters who choose our camp rental package: The expectation is that a hunter will weigh 220 pounds dressed to go into the field and be allowed 60 pounds of personal gear, including your weapon. Our camp gear package is additional.

For hunters bringing their own gear: The expectation is that a hunter will weigh 220 pounds dressed to go into the field and be allowed 120 pounds of gear, total.

Every pound counts. Read that again.

On these smaller Bush Planes we have to monitor ALL the weight that goes into them for flights – right down to the amount of fuel needed for the flight. THIS IS SOLELY FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL PERSONS ON BOARD!

Any weight over and above “normal” clothing (so you can’t load up optics, six pairs of pants, three jackets, knives, pistols and a backpack on your person and then have another 60 pounds of gear). When you get on the plane, you can be in your hiking boots (or waders) pants, shirt, a jacket and a camera let’s say – the rest will be treated as baggage. There’s no such thing as a “carry on” on these small planes. So, you need to ENSURE you plan accordingly, as bags will be weighed when you arrive in town and have things ready to go into the field. If you’re overweight – we will ask that you “remove items” to ensure weight limits are being met.

When you arrive in town, you’ll have time to go through your large bags and get things in order to go out in the field. ANYTHING you don’t need out in the field (i.e. your hard cases for your weapons, keys to your truck back home at the airport, your street clothes, large suitcases you brought up for the Commercial flights, etc.), we have you covered. All those items can be left in one of our Storage Connexes and when you come out of the field, your things will be there waiting for you to return.

ALSO: We will remind you prior to getting on the plane – BUT no knives or weapons on your person when you board the plane (we must abide by FAA Regulations). So they will be stored in your baggage for the flight to and from the field.