Dylan Golightly 2018 caribou bull.

Dylan Golightly Caribou Hunt Report

It was an unbelievable unguided caribou hunting trip. From stepping off the plane in Kotzebue, Alaska to stepping back on the plane to leave town was an unforgettable experience. We were able to be flown out and dropped off in beautiful country and on the way out we were already seeing caribou from the plane. […]

Jim Rose with an awesome bull

Jim Rose Group Caribou Hunt Report

We were pleased with the overall Alaska unguided caribou hunting experience. We put forth a significant amount of effort when it came to glassing from different locations and while we didn’t see a huge number of caribou we understand that caribou hunting is hunting and animal movement is often weather dependent. We did see enough animals to be somewhat […]

Packing out a caribou

Rusty Smith Caribou Hunt Report

Unguided Alaska was awesome! They took care of making sure we had what we needed and made sure we were taken care of before and after our caribou hunt! They placed us in a perfect spot for our hunt! It was beautiful and had what we were after…. Alaska caribou! We both killed our caribou within a […]

Alaskan DIY Caribou Drop Hunt

Bryan and Danielle Osler Caribou Hunt Report

Arriving in Kotzebue, Alaska we were met right away by the outfitters crew and they did a great job getting us loaded up and transported to the staging area where we were able to repack and organize for the flight into the field. A slight weather delay for a few hours and we were on our way. The […]

2018 Bruce Kuck Group Kotzebue

Bruce Kuck Caribou Hunt Report

Our Alaska caribou hunting transporter went above and beyond, great experience!! Unguided Alaska took us out farther than the other outfitters were going. They dropped us in a great spot. All of this contributed to the success our group had. I would recommend this unguided hunt to anyone. It was a very good caribou hunt.

Nice bull

Todd Strayer Group Caribou Hunt Report

We did the unguided caribou hunt out of Kotzebue, Alaska and couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Our main goal was spending time together….Dad, sons and son-in-law. In addition, we are all die-hard hunters and we were all able to fill our tags. The whole trip was very organized by the outfitter. Not only did she answer […]

Kyle Roberts Bull

Kyle Roberts Caribou Hunt Report

My hunting partner and I arrived in Kotzebue early September, we were met by the outfitter as we got off our commercial flight. Easily got all gear to the Hotel and were ready to fly out into the field the next day. Weather came in and delayed our flight for one day, but heck we were in Alaska! […]

Brandon Espinosa with a nice velvet bull.

Brandon Espinosa Caribou Hunt Report

The Alaska caribou hunting trip was amazing!! The whole process was very smooth! Everybody at Unguided Alaska was wonderful, timely and very professional!! Working with Russ at Outdoors International was a great experience. If someone is looking for an amazing DIY adventure in the tundra I couldn’t recommend this crew more! Sheila and her crew were amazing 5 star operation.