Packing out a caribou

Rusty Smith Caribou Hunt Report

Unguided Alaska was awesome! They took care of making sure we had what we needed and made sure we were taken care of before and after our caribou hunt! They placed us in a perfect spot for our hunt! It was beautiful and had what we were after…. Alaska caribou! We both killed our caribou within a mile of our camp! It was an amazing experience, that I will for sure do again!

They have been at this a long time and have the knowledge and experience you want in someone taking you out! They were very accommodating and helping with every aspect of our trip. They gave us some great specifics about the exact area we were hunting which helped us greatly in our success. I plan on using UGA again in a couple of years when I take my next caribou hunt!

My consultant was Russ Meyer with Outdoors International. Russ is GREAT! from the first time we chatted about the possibility of this hunt and all the time in-between Russ made sure we were taken care of and did not have any loose ends. I have already started chats with him about another hunt!