Dylan Golightly 2018 caribou bull.

Dylan Golightly Caribou Hunt Report

It was an unbelievable unguided caribou hunting trip. From stepping off the plane in Kotzebue, Alaska to stepping back on the plane to leave town was an unforgettable experience. We were able to be flown out and dropped off in beautiful country and on the way out we were already seeing caribou from the plane. We then were dropped with our gear and all the camp gear/food.

All the equipment in our camp rental package was top notch and well kept. We got out and glassed as soon as possible the first night and saw multiple bulls and we felt very confident in the area. Throughout the week we were able to both tag out and see a unreal amount of caribou migrating. A phenomenal adventure in itself!

It was truly a hunt of a lifetime and something I would suggest to anyone if able. Can’t be more pleased with the service provided and the experience we were able to have. Definitely a hunt I’ll look forward to in the future!

Packing out a caribou Dylan Golightly skinning his bull.