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Kotzebue is a Damp Village – What you need to know about alcohol.

Kotzebue is a small village, however, it happens to be the largest village in the NW Arctic of Alaska, the “Hub” of several small villages in the outlying area. Kotz used to be a “Dry” Village … meaning alcohol was not sold or available for purchase and was regulated on the amount any one person could bring into town.

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City Run Liquor Store in the “Damp” Village of Kotzebue, Alaska.

In a “Damp” Village, alcohol is sold and available in town through the City run Liquor Store (that happens to be attached to the City Jail). However, the amount of alcohol any one person can purchase on a daily basis (with a permit that must pre-purchased) is strictly regulated. They also limit the amount of alcohol that you can bring into town with you.

As with most things in the remote areas of Alaska, things can be quite pricey – the Liquor Store in Kotzebue is NO exception to that rule. Temporary Permits for visitors are available at the Package Store. Prices vary by length of stay.

How much alcohol you can bring with you to Kotzebue:

  • 1 Liter of Liquor
  • 2 Liters of Wine
  • 1 Gallon (Ten – 12 oz Cans) of Beer

Purchasing from the store has similar, but different limits per person. You can check out the City of Kotzebue website if you’d like for more specific information.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT GUNS AND ALCOHOL AREN’T A GOOD MIX, please drink responsibly! We are not endorsing or suggesting anything with this article – it is just a specific answer to a question that is asked several times each year.