Orville Peterson 2019 Bull Caribou

Orville Peterson Caribou Hunt Report

We had a great trip! This was a do-it-yourself caribou hunt in the Brooks Range of Alaska. Unfortunately for us the migration quieted down just as we arrived in camp. The four guys in front of us tagged out in 1 1/2 days and never got more than a mile from camp! We weren’t so lucky and hunted hard for 7 days. My son killed a really nice bull on day five and my nephew took a small bull the last evening 3 1/2 miles from camp. I don’t recommend hunting caribou that far from camp in tundra country by the way! We were camped on a beautiful lake right at the mouth of a large drainage and if caribou had been migrating we were certainly in an excellent position to take advantage of it. Our transporter was top notch. Everyone was super nice and bent over backwards to get us into and out of the field safely. The equipment and food provided by the transporter was fine and appropriate for the situation. We wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

The only thing that would have made it better was if the migration had been in full swing – but that’s why it’s called hunting now isn’t it? We saw grizzlies, wolves and foxes, but weren’t bothered by any of them.

The food was Mountain House augmented with some other goods so it was just fine. This trip was as hard or as easy as we wanted to make it. We could sit in camp and glass or get out and hike if we wanted.

The transporter did a fantastic job. They met us at the airport, took pretty much complete care of us, got us into and out of the field safely, provided us a place to process our game, helped us box antlers and meat, drove us back and forth to the hotel and delivered us to the airport on the day of our departure. If you only went 50% success and the only thing you can complain is the coffee then I’d say they did a pretty fantastic job.