Beau Martonik

Beau Martonik Group Caribou Hunt Report

Beau Martonik, host of the East Meets West Hunt podcast, embarked on an adventure hunt of a lifetime to the wilderness of northwest Alaska to chase caribou in the mountains and tundra with one of his lifelong friends, Michael Paladino.

Hunts like these may seem out of reach, but with proper planning and preparation, they are available for anyone to take part in. Beau and Michael find success while traversing the challenging travel conditions, adverse weather, and general obstacles that they encounter. Justin Mueller did a great job with capturing this film and putting it together!

The caribou hunt was better than we could’ve ever expected. The adventure of flying into the remote wilderness of Alaska is something that I want more of after my unguided caribou hunt. They helped us every step of the way and made the complicated logistics seem easy. We ended up tagging out in three days bringing home all of the meat that I will be eating for awhile!

DIY Alaska Caribou Hunting Video Podcast Series

The series is intended to give you information on how we made the hunt happen (planning, budgeting, etc.) as well as show you the experience in semi-real time to hopefully inspire you to want to do this hunt for yourself!